Arts, Music & Entertainment in Laredo

Arts, Music & Entertainment in LaredoLooking for something to do in a small town? Look no further than these great venues, which offer plenty of art, music and entertainment for the city of Laredo. Watch a theater performance, listen to a live band or stroll through the art museum. There is even an art display at the local coffee house!

Laredo Center of the Arts
The Laredo Center of the Arts aims to unleash the artistic potential in every Laredo resident. This grassroots organization has grown over the year to encompass three galleries and a variety of artistic and cultural events, such as local, regional, national and international art exhibitions, dance performances, art history lectures, musical performances and art education classes for adults and children.

Address: 500 San Agustin Avenue, Laredo, TX 78040 - MAP
Phone: (956) 725-1715

Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra
Stop by for a beautiful symphony with the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra. The Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra features collaborations with Texas A&M International University's Chamber Orchestra of Laredo and the Laredo Philharmonic Chorale. Enjoy an evening set to the music of Laredo-everything from classic renditions to modern interpretations.

Address: 500 San Agustin Avenue, Laredo, TX 78040 - MAP
Phone: (956) 326-3039

Laredo Little Theatre
Enjoy a performance by Laredo's oldest theater troupe, the Laredo Little Theatre. Since 1911, this theater has existed to preserve, develop and promote the arts and culture in Laredo through entertaining theater arts, dance and music. Presenting performances in both English and Spanish, the Laredo Little Theatre focuses on individual creative expression and community collaboration as tools for building self-esteem and strengthening local cultural identity.

Address: 4400 Thomas Avenue, Laredo, TX 78041 - MAP
Phone: (956) 723-1342

Laredo Theater Guild International
See a classical or contemporary drama, comedy, musical, or single performer show from the Laredo Theater Guild International. This theater group consists of actors from all over the world, and travels to TAMIU and Laredo Community College for productions. Enjoy a local performance of anything from Man of La Mancha to Disney's Beauty and the Beast to The Sound of Music and many, many more.

Address: Travels
Phone: (956) 319-8610

Laredo Energy Arena
Check out Laredo's largest and most popular music and concert venue, the Laredo Energy Arena. Watch a performance by regional, national and international performers. Catch a hockey, arena football or basketball game. There is plenty of comfortable seating available, as well as 14 suites, two conference rooms and a full bar. This arena offers the ultimate entertainment experience at all of its events.

Address: 6700 Arena Boulevard, Laredo, TX 78041 - MAP
Phone: (956) 791-9192


Scholars Caffe Barisita

Address: 1701 Peaceful Meadows CT, Suite A5, Laredo, TX 78041 - MAP
Phone: (956) 718-5855


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